Why, hello there. Welcome to my first post on Quill and Shield, and under a new name no less.

I planned to change blog URLs, but that appears to be impossible for the next two years.

So welcome to my new blog! This blog is going to be largely the same: personal and editorials with whatever events I can attend sprinkled in.

I’m aware the blog is still…unfinished. Things happen.

I really can’t make any promises as to schedule, and you’ll see why soon. But I’ll update when I can, and respond to whatever comments I get.

You’ll no longer get notifications from QGSH, just this blog. However, the old address will still be up and running as a sort of archive.

This is a really short post, I know, but there’s not much else to say. Thank you all for being so understanding, and I look forward to your continued support.