My god, it has been far too long. I sort of forgot this blog existed? Since I was declared recovered, I haven’t been up to date at all. However, something very important happened and reminded me that I should actually start using this blog.

I completed an item on my senior bucket list.

As a senior in high school, I have a list of things I want to accomplish before I graduate. This is a common trope, but a great one nonetheless. I have things to do, and I will do them. What are these things, you might ask? Well, here’s the list for now:

  1. Interview the Doggo Man.
  2. Finish a short film or webseries with the group.
  3. Perform on the school stage.
  4. Movie night with squad.
  5. Get a 100 on a test in every subject.
  6. Find the other entrance to the legendary Room.
  7. Visit the Garden in the Woods.
  8. Take a trip to Salem.

While most of my viewers are probably family members who already know where I go to school, I don’t want to give that information away to those who don’t know me. So for now, the room I speak of will simply be called The Room.

And here’s a little background on it: In the 90s, it was given the name it actually has. It was discovered and explored by a group of students. It had its own geocities website before it was tragically shut down. There was a story as to how it got the name and how it was truly discovered and all the students behind its discovery.

Sometime during my freshman or sophomore year, it was boarded up so that nobody could get in.  Some blamed ghosts and deaths. The reasonable ones blamed asbestos. But here’s the most important part:

There’s another entrance that was never found. It has to be a hatch in the floor, but where?

With the map destroyed along with the geocities website, I have no leads. At all. I have rumors and legends, of course, but those aren’t exactly reliable (Someone claims it’s in the chorus room, but that’s only a possibility). So I want to learn about it for what it truly is. And find the door.

Now, onto another item: Doggo Man.

This is a name my friends and I have coined for quick recognition. We don’t have his name or anything. But he’s been routinely spotted around the town and I made it the pinnacle of my high school journalistic career to get an interview with him.

Why? Because I can. And because I like dogs.

Quite honestly the best photo I’ve ever taken.

Today, I was with my friend and waiting for my ride. It was a clear, sunny day. People milled about. It was chill.

Then I heard people yelling about dogs. And I looked. And there he was.

Doggo Man.

I shoved Waning’s headphones and iPod in her arms and ran out to get a couple questions.

In hindsight, this was not my best move. I had no questions, no phone to record anything, no preparation to introduce myself and my blog. But this was my opportunity and I would not let it pass!

I learned this much about Doggo Man. He was in a rush, so I didn’t get much time.

He called the dogs his children. There are three in the photo above, but he had four with him. And they’re all related.

The dogs are related. There’s one grandfather, one father, and two children.

I’m horrible with names, but two of them are named Scrappy and Fez. I think I pet Fez. His fur was really soft.

Then Doggo Man left.

And I internally (and externally) screamed for about five minutes.

Follow your dreams.

I’m not doing perfectly on the other items. Working on it, of course, but a couple of them require things I do not have the resources for. Looking at you, 7 and 8.

I will complete this bucket list, whatever it takes. And since I have nothing better to do, I will take you all along with me on my mystical journey. I can update every other Thursday, as not much is likely to happen in just one week. I’m determined to finish every single one of these items, and an audience, no matter how small, just might give me the nudge I need.

So are you with me?