So this entry is early. I know. But it’s homecoming, and something in me just can’t split this week up in two. So instead, I’m writing on last week.

Unfortunately, I haven’t completed much. It’s a lot of planning and scouting and research I haven’t had time for. Being a senior is exhausting. The movies lied. This is not glamorous. I’m in a class of seven people and none of us did our homework.

And on top of this, my last two quiz/test grades in Precalculus are 98 and 99. If you recall, #5 on my list is to get a 100 in every subject. It’s just out of reach.

My friends and I are working hard on the script for our webseries. I started recording everybody’s lines for the introduction on Friday.

Speaking of Friday, something quite incredible happened. I thought it only happened in fanfiction, but alas, I was mistaken.

Sora and I almost got locked in the public library. Like, overnight locked in. Because apparently they close late every week day except for Friday. This resulted in us standing on the sidewalk, waiting for my mother to pick us up as I came up with my next chapter. We saw five people try to get into the library in that time. We stopped none of them.

Anyway, it’s Homecoming! And oh my heavens am I excited. Aside from the second floor hallway being dark except for string lights and the crushing realization that my house is the exact opposite of the class house, it’s incredible.

This year, I’m noticing something…different. Maybe it’s just me, but more people I know are confessing their crushes and asking them out than past years. It probably has something to do with being seniors and leaving nothing unsaid. Which I understand. Not that I’m going to take part in any of this, but I get it.

I needed an image here. But I’ve done my part. I’m going home. Look at my dog.

Also, Nova got slime. It was a mistake. She won’t let me play with it.

Plans for Halloween are being made. As our last Halloween together, my friends and I want to make this the greatest Halloween any of us have ever had. Routes, movies, incredible costumes, everything. That being said, it’ll be at least one thing crossed from my bucket list.

I’m so excited to go on this journey, and even more excited to bring you guys along.

And for this entry, I’ll conclude with a conversation between Sora and I.

Sora: I’m sweaty.
Me: It’s because you’re running from your feelings.
Sora: You’re right, I am.